Sales Director and also the Phonebook Recruiting Trick

You realize you will find still some sales managers available who rather than covering proper levels of qualified leads for his or her sales pressure will rather throw a brand new salesperson or lady a darn phonebook and say best of luck, there’s the telephone? Oh great the brand new sales rep thinks.

Now-a-days you can’t call someone on Don’t Call Lists, so rather these phone books only work when calling government whitened page entries or yellow page business sections. Which should you company sells to companies appears to operate okay.

Regrettably the sales managers that do this create a couple of mistakes because each salesperson should be aware of something concerning the industry sector they’re contacting first. I will tell getting been around a very long time and usually the very first listing in every business sector i was for the reason that with respect to the listing we’d get different sales agents in the same darn company calling us.

For example we all do pressure washing and cleaning and therefore are in parts of Automotive, Marine, Aircraft, Trucks, Property, Concrete, etc.. So, the “A” section we’d frequently get known as by one individual and also the relaxation from the alphabet later within the week by other people. What really irks use is that so frequently the individual calling didn’t understand our business and desired to sell us janitorial supplies, toilet tissue, cleaning items and merely went so on.

Silly and pathetic which would continue for 2-days approximately and prevent. Then in six-several weeks it might launch again, same darn company. But it wasn’t exactly that company, a lot of companies do that, but not one of them appear to coach their salesmen comprehend the companies that they’re calling first. I really hope if you’re a sales director you’ll decipher it and still do it, so, think about this in the year 2006.