Five Tips for Choosing a Conference Venue

If your company is holding a conference, it is very important to select a good venue. The venue location should be interesting for attendees from out of town and convenient for those living in the area. Here are five tips to help you choose the best venue for your next conference.

Picking the Location

The right location can help maximise the attendance of your conference so you should try to select a one that is accessible by air, land, or railway to make it easier for attendees to get there. In addition, the venue should be close to public transportation so people can get back and forth from their hotels and go sightseeing during their free time. There needs to be options for dining out or going for drinks, so select a venue that is close to a variety of bars and restaurants.

Consider Size of Conference

The size and type of conference you’re having will help determine the type of venue that will need to be booked. Conference venues in Perth range from empty rooms in small conference centres to multi-level buildings that can accommodate thousands of attendees at once. As you discuss the conference with possible attendees, you will get a good idea of the venue size and the type of arrangements you will need to make.

Lodging Options

Select a venue that gives out of town attendees several lodging options. Even if the conference is held at a hotel, there may not be enough rooms for all of the out of town attendees. Select a hotel that is close to others or that is close to public transportation so attendees can travel back and forth to their hotels.

What Is Available?

The venue you select needs to be able to supply a wide range of office and audiovisual equipment for conference administration and those holding seminars. There should be Wi-Fi access, overhead projectors, screens, sound equipment, copiers, and fax machines set up for both attendees and the administration to use during the conference. Engage with outside vendors to help provide additional equipment and supplies if necessary and make sure to arrange access for them at the venue.

Refreshment Arrangements

Make sure there are food and drinks on hand for people attending the conference by making sure the venue has food and beverage facilities onsite. You don’t necessarily have to provide full meals, but you should arrange for a variety of foods to be on hand to accommodate people’s different dietary needs. Ask about bringing in outside caterers to help supply food and drinks for the conference as well.

It takes several months to make arrangements for a conference, so don’t expect to throw one together in just a few weeks. Select a date at least a year in advance and generate a list of ideal locations for your conference before checking the availability of venues. Make a checklist of everything the venue needs to have so when you do determine the location, you can start looking for the venue.